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A Chamois cloth is a highly effective tool for drying and absorbing any form of moisture.


Using it during workout:

Soak the Chamois Towel in a warm water, replace the warm water with cold or iced water after 5 minutes.

Squeeze out the excess water, store in the original container it came with, or a zip lock plastic bag.

Use this Chamois Towel to clean off sweat and for a cold and refreshing squeaky feeling.

It is super excellent and effective.


How to use a Chamois for a spotless car shine:

Wash your car

Give your vehicle a thorough clean using a Water Gun to blow off all the dirt. This first step prevents the cloths used in washing the car from absorbing the dirt and the same used to rub with the paint to cause circular paint scratches.

Wash the body of your car with either just water and a dirt free cloth, or with a PH neutral Car Shampoo, Pay particular attention to remove all dirt and grime deposits. Use a different washcloth for the tires. Rinse the car thoroughly

Rinse your new Chamois towel or dampen it before using it on your car.

The Chamois towel has the ability to thoroughly absorb water leaving behind no trace of a moisture.

Use the towel to clean the body of the car, while squeezing out the absorb water. This will leave a spotless, squeaky and shiny finish to your car paint.

How to care for your Chamois towel:

Always keep it damp in the Tube container and never expose it to direct sunlight or try to dry it. This way this product can last more than 5 years.

Be sure to thoroughly clean and dry your chamois. This will ensure any microscopic dirt particles are removed from the drying cloth and to ensure its longevity. To clean, rinse it with cold water, squeeze out the water and store it in the Tube container.


To Clean Pets:

This cloth is amazing for drying pets after bathing. Use the towel on the dog after bath until the dog is fully dry, which is very quick. Clean by simply rinsing off excess loose dog hair, leaving slightly damp then make sure to store in the original container until next use.

This product is highly recommended.


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